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Smart Ways to Incorporate Custom Panels In Your Corporate Space
Author:admin 2020-07-01 19:38|

Your office space is an extension of your brand. When clients, investors, or interviewees visit, the first impression they get of your business — before they even shake your hand — comes from the feel of the environment at your office. And that environment should reflect your company’s values, mission, and culture. You already know that your business stands out above the rest; now let everyone else know, from the minute they step onto your property, with intriguing and innovative design elements.

For a unique, sophisticated, and memorable touch, consider adding custom panels into your office design. Custom panels offer a cost-effective way to add design elements in the office, without redesigning the entire space. You can simultaneously create a space that sticks in the minds of visitors well after they leave, and is equally enjoyable for your employees to work in. With so many patterns, sizes, and applications available, you can find a design option that perfectly suits your brand.

Faux Natural Elements
Imitating natural elements in the workplace can be quite a challenge. Use custom panels with patterns that reflect light (or the lack thereof) in intriguing ways, to add a touch of nature within a space. A floral-inspired pattern creates the illusion of plants, and engage interesting shadows in a space. It’s a subtle way to give a natural, earthy vibe with a sophisticated flair.

2. Cubicle Dividers
If you’re looking for a way to add privacy without making the interior feel drab, try customized cubicle dividers as a refreshing alternative to the old-school cubicles. You can add a touch of individuality to each employee’s workspace, while creating design continuity in the office. You can even install perforated panels in your ceilings, as a functional way to reduce noise disruption inside your building.

3. Perforated HandRail Screens
If your office space has a balcony, consider perforated handrail screens as a way to add an extra pop and create a distinguished space. A balcony is a place for employees and clients to grab some fresh air, giving you the opportunity to extend your interior design to blend cohesively with the outdoors. Perforated handrails can also be seen outside by passersby, adding to your branding as striking visual pinpoint for your company.

4. Wall Art Panels
Hanging wall art panels is one great way to spruce up an office space, without detracting from the professional reputation and feel of your business. Start out by placing a few custom wall art panels strategically, to test the waters. If you like the result, you can always add more across various walls, to provide a cohesive feel throughout the whole building. With a range of patterns and sizes available, your wall art can be as traditional or unconventional as you like.

5. Window Screens
Window screen panels provide a fabulous alternative to curtains — use patterned panels to create a sense of privacy, and add an impressive design touch. Window screen panels can decorate boardrooms, or conference rooms, to freshen a meeting space with an element of intrigue. You can get window screens made with custom materials, tailored according to your aesthetic and practical needs.

6. It’s In the Name
A custom panel can even be incorporated through your company logos — installed as an eye-catching piece in your reception area, or the front of your building. Custom panels allow you to add something truly unique to your design and logo. Apart from logo panels on the wall, you can also opt for a perforated panel design for the reception desk itself.

Which of these would you like to try in your corporate space? Do you have other ideas for using custom panels to make your space one of a kind?